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Whose City?

Oct 18, 2018

Special Guest, landscape architect extraordinaire, Vicki Estrada, discusses the future of Balboa Park's Plaza de Panama and beyond!

Plaza de Panama

Jul 3, 2018

Co-hosts Larry Herzog and Howard Blackson explore the future of Mission Valley, including its hyper-dependence on the automobile, and the need to redesign it around the San Diego River. Ballot box proposals for the former Qualcomm site are discussed. Well-known city planner Michael Stepner comes in for an interview in...

Jun 20, 2018

Howard and Larry review the history and context for the writing of Kevin Lynch and Donald Appleyard's 1974 seminal study "Temporary Paradise", considered one of the most significant outside consultant reports for any city in the United States.  They then bring urban planning professor Bruce Appleyard, son of...